CDP Builders Plasterers Preston, Leyland

Wall Render

Wall Crete is a form of render art in which we render walls with a coloured cement overlay – this process replicates coursed and random stone or brick. There are over 40 coloured variations which can compliment any surroundings and this method is ideal for untidy walls, existing render walls, block walls, plaster board, wood, Styrofoam; and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a stone wall. It is fully waterproof and frost proof - it does not crack and it provides a deep wall texture to give that 3D appearance. It can be applied inside and outside were space is at a premium making it ideal for any building project, we offer this service in the Preston, Leyland and surrounding areas.

Here at CDP Builders we also do plastering, we can plaster your walls in whichever room of your property from the kitchen to your extensions and also the outside of your property including your garage. We are specialists in this area and have a lot of years experience and have the skill and experience to help you with your project so if you want plasterers in Preston, Leyland and the surrounding areas then please get in touch with us and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

We will deal with your project from start to finish and break down all the costs and timescale of the project so you know that there are no hidden costs regarding your mould work, so if you are interested in any of our services please get in touch.